Pavasara uzkopšana un smaržu atjaunošana

Spring cleaning and fragrance renewal

How to restore freshness and a pleasant smell at home After a long winter, the time has finally come when we can open the windows and let fresh spring air into the house. However, to create a ...
Ziemas maģija: siltums un sveču gaisma 💛

Winter magic: warmth and candlelight 💛

When the winter season is in full swing, our homes become special places. The cold air outside makes us appreciate the warmth and comfort at home even more. And what could be better than candles...
Sojas vaska sveces salīdzinājumā ar parafīna svecēm: Kā izvēlēties labāko?

Soy Wax Candles vs. Paraffin Candles: How to Choose the Best?

Soy wax or paraffin wax? Candles are one of the most popular ways to DIY and relax at home. If you plan to buy candles or make them yourself, you may be faced with the question of choosing materia...
Kā izmantot sveci meditācijas laikā?

How to use a candle during meditation?

Meditation is a path to inner peace and balance, and sometimes a small visual element can make it even deeper and more fulfilling. Today we share practices and suggestions for using candles as a p...
Videi draudzīgas dāvanas: ilgtspējīga radošums un videi draudzīga elegance

Eco-friendly gifts: sustainable creativity and eco-friendly elegance

Why choose eco-friendly gifts for your friends, colleagues and family? The modern world has begun to show more and more awareness of environmental protection and sustainable lifestyle. This trend...
Kā pagatavot vaska sveci?

How to make a wax candle?

Make and pour your own soy wax candle Do you want to experience an exciting and interesting time with your loved ones? Make your own candles or give a candle making kit as a gift - a great gift...
Garbell Sveces - sojas produktu

Soy candles: eco-friendly and attractive new trend

A new trend has entered the magical world of candles - soy candles. Considering the environment and looking for products that combine the warmth of nature with sustainable solutions, soy candl...
Salīdzinājums sojas vaskam ar parafīna vasku!

Comparison of soy wax with paraffin wax!

Soy candles and paraffin candles have different properties and benefits, so they are relatively different. Soy candles are made from natural soy wax, which is a renewable resource and biodegradabl...
Kāpēc izvēlēties sojas vaska svecītes ko radam mūsu Garbell sveču veikalā?

Why choose soy wax candles that we create in our Garbell candle shop?

Garbell Candles offers soy wax candles, which are a great alternative to paraffin candles. Here are some reasons to choose soy wax candles from Garbell Candle Store: Naturalness - Soy wax is a natu...