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How to make a wax candle?

Make and pour your own soy wax candle

Caribbean candle
Do you want to experience an exciting and interesting time with your loved ones? Make your own candles or give a candle making kit as a gift - a great gift that will teach a new skill, provide creative fun and unforgettable moments, creating beautiful and fragrant candles together!
  1. The candle burner or the metal part of the wick must be glued to the wick sticker (which is a double-sided adhesive tape) and by centering it, stick it to the bottom of the glass (I recommend using a hard straw, in which it is possible to center it exactly when inserting the wick).
  2. Attach the wick retainer to the top of the (wooden) glasses.
  3. Boil water in a pot, put a heat-resistant melting container with soy wax into it.
  4. This is called a hot water bath. Soy wax should not be melted directly on the fire.
  5. Slowly, stirring the wax with a spoon over low heat, we patiently watch as the soy wax melts completely, but do not overheat it. Remove the dish with wax from the heat and put it on the table (with a towel under it).
  6. While stirring slowly, add the flavored perfume oil to the liquid wax. Stir for about 30-50 seconds.
  7.  When the liquid is evenly mixed, slowly pour the entire finished composition into the candle glass (fix the wick very carefully, it must not move).
  8. It is necessary to allow the suppository to cool down for 2 hours and wait patiently until it has completely solidified.
  9. Your candle is ready to use.
  10. Burn the candle correctly. When burning a candle for the first time, let it burn until the top layer of wax melts in its entire diameter. If you blow out the candle faster, a small lake will form, which will continue to go deeper.

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Take a look HERE if you want to watch the cooking process.

Advice for making a wax candle

After pouring the wax into the candle container, we recommend immediately wiping the melting container with a dry towel to remove any remaining soy wax and then washing it thoroughly with dishwashing detergent.

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