Together we can!! Recycling old candle glasses

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Hello Everyone,

I have some great news that I would like to share with you.

I just have to remind that we are all about natural, organic lifestyle. And of course it involves candle manufacturing as well.

We recently came up with an idea that we can collect (in North Dublin area) used glasses from anyone who doesn't want them anymore or doesn't know where to leave them. I would appreciate even if you would like to send them to us.

Garbell Candles plan is to clean them and make the new scented candles.

I think it is a great idea how we all can help our environment and planet earth.

I will post all the empty and clean glasses in our website very soon.

So far we have got a few glasses and it is amazing how people are actually thinking about the environment.

I would truly appreciate if you could spread a word and let people know that there is a nice option to make our life better because Together we can!!!


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