"The right people say that everything goes in a circle. The path of candles has brought me from Ireland back to Latvia, where several years ago I developed an interest in candles: as a child, I was always fascinated by the candles lit in the Christmas tree, I realized during my school years that candles, yes, yes, Christmas tree candles also have a smell, when I was studying at the university, I liked to look at the candles in the flame, which calmed me down, cheered me up. But for a long time I was tormented by the question - Why is the soul of the candle - the flame - like that? Why does the candle bring joy? Why is it so difficult to tear it away the look of a candle that burns so evenly and never regrets that it burns? The idea arose to study the history of candles. It is fascinating for hundreds of years, when the product was based on natural origin"